BB-35-PLUSH-LIMEGREEN Lime Green Plush BeanBag Chair

Brand: Bean Bag Boys
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- Made in U.S.A.

- Dimensions: 30x30x36

- Premium 11.5 Cuft / 10lbs / 112

- Locking Zipper for added Child Safety

- Double-Zippered for Security

- 100% Polystyrene Fill for EXTREME Comfort

- Premium Choice of Fabric

Pear-shaped design offers back support or rounded appearance as needed. - Complies with voluntary CPSC Guidelines for zipper closures. - 100% Recyclable Product. - Product is Refillable - Proudly made in the U.S.A. - Double-Stitched with Clear Nylon for added Strength

Imagine something so fluffy and soft like you feel in a big panda hug! That is not your pussy cat, not your teddy bear – that is Plush BeanBag. Lime Green Plush BeanBag Chair is double- stitched with clear nylon for added strength and double-zippered for security, locking zipper for added child safety and also100% polystyrene fill for Extreme Comfort. The cover for this chair is made from plush and is available in 5 colors. This Plush BeanBag is perfect for children and adults and it is so cozy so you can fall asleep after busy day. Beanbagscomfort provide you EXTRA comfort – take your Plush BeanBag now and be Happy!

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